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  1. The Onrushing August Crisis Takes Shape: Pandemic Conditions Worsen in Most States, with Dramatic Deterioration in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California; Trump’s Re-Opening Bandwagon Goes into Reverse in Numerous Places, with Even Republican Governors Forced to Relent; After Debacle by Secretary DeVos on Sunday Shows, Rejection Front Emerges Against Coercing Children Back to School While Virus Is Spreading; Economic Breakdown Looms as Barriers to Foreclosures, Evictions, and Utility Cutoffs Will Shortly Be Lifted, and Emergency Aid in CARES Act Runs Out; GOP Still Blocking Police Reform, While Agitation to Defund Police Departments Goes On; China’s Role in Incidents from San Diego to Taiwan to Ladakh in the Himalayas Raises Strategic Tensions; Amidst All This Chaos, Presidency and Senate Are Crippled by Breakup of GOP; Energized by the Collapse of Institutions, Lunatic Fringe Is on the March
  2. August Cataclysm Looms with Convergence of Crises: Existing CARES Act Federal Assistance to Families and Businesses Will Run Out as Protections Against Evictions and Foreclosures Expire; Simultaneously, New Onslaught of Covid Infections Threatens More Deaths, Stay at Home Orders, and Disruption; Police Reform Still Blocked by GOP; Worst of All, Executive Branch Is Crippled so Severely as to Invite Foreign Attack
  3. Supreme Court Rejects Trump’s Contention That He Is Absolutely Immune to Subpoenas; His Tax Returns and Business Records Can Eventually Be Seen in Part by House Committees and New York District Attorney, but Only after More Legal Battles in Lower Courts and Likely after the Election; His Appointees Gorsuch and Kavanaugh Join Majority in 7 to 2 Finding, Weakening GOP Theory of Packing Court with Reliable Reactionary Jurists; But Beware Supremes in Case of Trump November Coup
  4. Supreme Court Expected to Announce Rulings Relating to Trump’s Taxes on Thursday; Outcome Is Made More Dramatic by Struggle over Publication of Mary Trump’s Memoir; Alleged Tax Evasion by Trump and Siblings Is Issue in Mary Trump’s Refusal to Be Bound by Non-Disclosure Agreement Drawn Up After Family Dispute Regarding Fred Trump’s Will; If Supremes Pander to Don, Naming More Non-Fascist Judges Will Be Mandatory Starting Next Year
  5. Still Waiting for Supreme Court to Decide Whether Congress and New York Prosecutors Can Examine Trump’s Tax Returns; Will Wednesday Finally Be The Day?
  6. How Long Will the Failed Trump Regime Be Allowed to Undermine the Nation? His Support Is Dwindling Among Many of His Plutocratic Backers; When Will This Lame Duck Face Reality and Resign? Watching the Ghislaine Maxwell Case, and Still Waiting for the Supreme Court’s Decisions on Two Subpoenas for His Personal and Business Federal Tax Returns
  7. Ghislaine Maxwell of Epstein Clique Arrested in New Hampshire; Why Was She Still in US?; Is Her Potential Testimony Another Tool for Convincing Trump to Accept an Agnew-Style Plea Deal and Finally Quit White House?; Just Before Independence Day, Washington Remains Fixated on When Discredited Trump Will Finally Leave
  8. Another Urgent Reason Trump Must Resign Now: His Cowardice and Appeasement Could Encourage China to Gamble on Further Attacks against Taiwan or India While He Is Still in Office; Leadership Vacuum in White House Is Increasing War Danger
  9. Communist Dictator Xi Imposes Totalitarian Security Law on Hong Kong, Ending Traditional Freedoms in Violation of “One Country, Two Systems” Principle Contained in Sino-British Treaty Signed by Thatcher; Joshua Wong and Other Pro-Democracy Leaders Flee Demosisto Party Just as It Dissolves to Escape Persecution; Free Nations Must Prepare to Receive Hong Kong Refugees; President Tsai of ROC on Taiwan Condemns Lawless Move by Beijing; Trump Silent, Still Hoping for Xi’s Illegal Help in November Election
  10. Institutional Combination for Trump’s Defeat Continues to Solidify as Events Torpedo Second Term; Trump’s Policy of Breakneck Re-Opening Going into Reverse in Many States; Large Viral Pool Built Up During June Will Feed Pandemic over Coming Weeks and Months; Comparisons with Collapse of LBJ Multiply